Where do your prayers go?

For the past few weeks, I have been leaving work most days and driving to a hospital to spend time with a loved one. Thankfully, those hospital stays ended Friday, but I want to tell you about an element of hospital life that was very meaningful to me.

The family member I was visiting kept saying things like,

“Ten babies were born yesterday,” or

“Another baby was just born!”

Finally, I asked, “How do you know?”

“They play the Brahms’ lullaby over the loudspeaker every time a baby is born”

“Listen for it!”

Once I knew to listen, I heard the lullabies play. Each time, I stepped close to the door so I could hear more clearly. I paused and prayed for the new little one.

There are no words.

My first two children were born in that hospital system, as well as both of our two male grandchildren. We didn’t hear the lullabies on their birth days, but knowing one played for each of them is very meaningful. At some point in time, hospital administrators determined that the arrival of each new life was worth interrupting and infiltrating all hospital environments, including ICU and the emergency room.

The parents don’t know.

Neither the parents or children know I prayed what may have been the first prayer spoken over their life. Nothing quiet happened, however. Each prayer will produce results. I believe it is likely I will one day be able to turn around in heaven and see each answer. For one baby this week, I prayed we would meet in heaven.

What about your prayers?

In much the same way I was praying for babies, people have been praying for my family as my loved one needed some significant medical care. A full recovery is expected, but a surprise trial happened. We are now able to look back on what has transpired and begin to process what happened.

Prayer happened.

In the same way those babies don’t know that I prayed, what I prayed, or from where I prayed, people have been praying for us at all kinds of hours and from all kinds of locations with requests we will personally never personally hear, but will will live the results.

Prayer lands on lives.

This week each of us will pass by people on the street, walk past homes, or hear sirens whiz by. Certain people will also catch our attention for a variety of reasons. Perhaps someone looks lonely, or particularly gifted, or scared or poor. Whatever the reason each caught our eye, let’s not forget to consider the noticing as from the Lord and

Pause to pray.

Each prayer will land on a life and produce an effect we may or may not eventually see, but most assuredly each prayer will produce results that those we pray for will experience.

Thank you.

To all who have prayed for our family, thank you. To the hospital administrators that decided to quietly proclaim the birth of each baby by playing the Brahms’ lullaby, thank you.

Picture Explanation: And the lullaby played for him, too.

Speaking of the value of each life:

If you are interested in being contacted to participate in a One Gritty Blink Bible study in 2023, click on the Oaks Ministries link below and contact me by email. There are plans for an evening online study April 4-May 9. There are also plans for a face-to-face study this summer starting June 7. Let’s focus on things that count for eternity!

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  1. I’ll always remember your silhouette in the doorway praying for each new life. How fortunate for them to be prayed for by you at their very moment of birth.

    1. It seems like such a small thing to do, but it’s not. I fear we are not praying enough these days, inviting God’s power into all we do and bringing God’s will in heaven down to earth.

      A silhouette I also want you to remember is the one right by your bedside. 😉

  2. What a sweet and special post! I love that new babies are announced with a lullaby! And I love that you immediately prayed for that sweet little person!! Prayers are so powerful, and we truly should pray without ceasing. (I Thess. 5:17). Opportunities are everywhere, especially in hospitals!

  3. Hi, Laurie. I’m grateful for answered prayers for your family! Thank you for modeling such care for each new life you heard about in the hospital. It’s so easy just to think, “How sweet!” May my thoughts more often become prayers!

    1. Love that thought, LeAnn. Instead of just thinking it, pray it too. Maybe that is what is means to “pray without ceasing.” Maybe that is how it is done.
      Lord, teach us.

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