One Gritty Blink

One Gritty Blink: Contemplate the Brevity of Life Compared to Eternity

Time is a funny concept. It ticks along for 86,400 seconds each day at the same speed – never slowing or speeding – but our experience of time differs. A year can “fly by” and a minute can seem like “forever.” Misperception can lead us to think our suffering is long, which it isn’t, or lead us to think we have all kinds of time to start living more wisely, which we don’t.

Gather with a group of people to spend six weeks in focused conversation and reflection about the brevity of life compared to eternity. Our lives are as brief and uncomfortable as One Gritty Blink of an eye, but when seen from an eternal perspective we become more able to live with a calm and strong sense of purpose.

Get ready to be surprised.

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