Is this definition a good one?

   I recently saw this post on Instagram: The best definition of love I heard: Love is giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting they won’t use it. The moment I read it, I edited it in my head to this: The best definition of love I heard: Love is giving someone the […]

An Alarming Reality

Recently I was awakened from a sound sleep by a beeping sound coming from somewhere in the darkness of the house. Beep Beep! What is that? Beep Beep! My husband and I began a bleary-eyed search for the source coming from somewhere upstairs. It was our Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. Our model didn’t have an […]

When you don’t know where to begin

Has anyone ever asked you a question and you honestly didn’t know where to begin? Perhaps the answer was too extensive to be succinct, too personal to feel comfortable, or too complicated to know where to start. I can feel that way with God. I want to tell Him everything, but sometimes life is so […]

Are we distorting the gospel?

I had a thought-provoking time in Galatians recently. Some verses leapt from the page and forced me to ask myself: Am I believing a different gospel in any way, shape, or form? Paul is pleading with members of the church of Galatia not to return to a gospel of good works after receiving the gospel […]

Why it is important to apologize.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. FALSE Yes, there is a level of spiritual maturity that allows us to stand against a lie and announce the truth of who we are in Christ. It is our responsibility to decide whether a word “sticks” to us or not. Consider […]

Is culture influencing our response to suffering?

We have each grown up in a culture. Apart from Christ, culture is the most powerful influence over how we view the world and how we communicate and respond to others. We each belong to several sub-cultures within the American culture at-large, but the term culture is very broadly used in this post. I know […]

What are you qualified to do?

If someone asks me a medical question about the heart, I am not qualified to answer. A cardiac nurse is qualified to answer. I am also not qualified to be a first responder, tutor someone in Spanish, build a house, deliver mail, train horses, or drive a race car. Each of these things require education, […]

A Prayer for Uncertain Times

     April 20, 2024 was the birthday of my brother, Dan. He would have turned 61. For those that have followed my posts for any length of time, Dan died from a motorcycle accident in 1986. God used the grief I suffered from his death to force me to be honest about the games I […]

Me and a Dump Truck

Last week as I was driving to a hair appointment, a guy driving an SUV honked his horn from behind me before speeding around me as he used an angry hand gesture. Lovely (I write with sarcasm) What the “honker” does not know is that about a mile prior, I found myself behind a dump […]

Secret Formula for Success

In the famous story about Jesus feeding the multitudes with just some loaves and fish, a secret is revealed that applies to all of life’s circumstances. Let’s take a look at the account as reported in Luke, chapter 9. What was the problem? 5,000 men — along with women and children — were hungry and […]