When comparison is a good thing.

The research is shouting! Social media is crippling us with comparison. Our activities, finances, homes and appearance never seem to measure up to the sound bites and snapshots of other people as we scroll through our feeds. There is one comparison that is good for us. Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to […]

God only needs 10 seconds

A long visit. I was sitting recently on a screened in porch visiting a dear friend. We were catching each other up on our complicated lives after not seeing each other for quite some time. Our conversation was punctuated by my friend checking periodically on dinner in the oven. She was expecting her husband and […]

What’s the problem with (just) being a good employee?

I saw this post on Instagram this week: How to Represent Jesus in the Workplace 1 Operate in integrity 2 Don’t complain 3 Be honest 4 Do things with excellence 5 Serve/add value to others 6 Be diligent/consistent 7 Pray for those you work with 8 Conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel […]

Shortest Sentence in the English Language

The shortest sentence in the English language is, “I am.” This is a fact. Go ahead and try to come up with one that is shorter! God announces His name in Exodus 3:14. The story begins in Exodus 3:1 when Moses approaches a burning bush with curiosity and ends up having an encounter with the […]

Real Life Lost-and-Found

I have lost some things. We all have, but I have thought about the following items periodically since the day I lost each of them. The birthstone ring my mother gave me when I was 16. The last I remember seeing it was on the floor next to my bed. The necklace featuring a gold […]

Don’t listen to the media coverage

I visited some friends earlier this month. I had a glorious time visiting famous sites like Yosemite and the Golden Gate bridge. I was treated to a blockbuster movie. And the food! I consumed fresh, tasty, organic food every day, most often eaten outside in picnic style. I always pay attention to what lingers. It […]

Something we get without working for it.

We earn our paychecks. We worked for them. Consider Romans 4:4-8 today. 4When people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned. There is an argument for not thanking your boss when he or she gives you a paycheck because the check is not a gift. It is completely okay to […]

When not to be “socially acceptable”

I had a conversation with someone recently. She hurt my feelings. What did I do with those emotions? The first thing I did was sit down at my computer and get some work done on a talk I was scheduled to give at a retreat a few weeks later. At least I was being productive, […]

Is Jesus part of your relationships?

My beautiful friend had a stroke this summer. I have always known her as a formidable figure, tall and statuesque. Always well dressed and with a mind like a steel trap, she had been the centerpiece of her neighborhood’s social life. She saw everything as a reason to gather people together and celebrate, like her […]

Does all of our loving earn a reward?

I worked through a set of verses with some women lately and am struck with this question: Does all of our loving earn reward? Let’s read Matthew 6:32-36 together to seek an answer. 32“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? The implication is there is no credit. Even sinners […]