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One Gritty Blink – Leader Guide Bundle

NOTE: This Leader Guide Bundle includes access to all One Gritty Blink videos. No need to rent!

Thank you for considering leading a group of people through One Gritty Blink!

The Leader Bundle comes with a hard copy of the Reflection Guide and Leader Guide, a free Video Notes Download (PDF) as a supplemental resource, and password protected access to the six videos needed to teach the study as many times as you wish! The first video is about five minutes long and is used in the first meeting when more time is needed for introductions. The remaining five teaching videos are about 30 minutes each.

The Reflection Guide is provided so you can experience the study along with your group. The Leader Guide is comprised of the Reflection Guide pages with answers and prompts included. A ready-reference page for each week’s meeting format is also provided.

Both Guides are printed on high quality paper.

The Leader Guide Bundle includes:

  • The Leader Guide (Hardcopy)
  • Reflection Guide (Hardcopy)
  • Access to all OGB teaching videos (Online viewing access only, no redistribution)
  • Video Notes Download (PDF)

VIDEO ACCESS: After purchasing your Leader Guide Bundle, access the teaching videos here.