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One Gritty Blink Reflection Guide

The 36-page Reflection Guide provides five one-page reflections for each question of the week. Each reflection page begins with a stated focus relating to the week’s question and is followed by some verses to examine, a few questions to stimulate thought, and ends with a brief prayer that helps put language to what is being learned. The streamlined design provides ample time to contemplate seeing life as One Gritty Blink and prepares participants for discussions about the incredible impact a short life can have when lived for eternal purposes.

The bound copy is printed on high quality paper and includes shipping and sales tax. The PDF download is for individual use only. Copies are not authorized for distribution without permission. Purchase of either format comes with a free Video Notes Download (PDF) as a supplemental resource.

This product includes:

  • The One Gritty Blink Reflection Guide (PDF or Hardcopy, 36 pages)
  • Video Notes Download (PDF)
  • Option to rent videos