Do I resist or assist God? The True Answer

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I have been participating in a Bible Study called Ten Women of the Bible by Max Lucado. It has been such a great experience to study with women and teach to women about women. One of the concepts I am going to take away from the study is from the chapter about Mary, mother of Jesus.

The angel Gabriel had just told this teenage virgin that the Holy Spirit was going to come upon her and she was going to conceive a child who would be holy — the Son of God (Luke 1:35).

Her response? Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be according to your word (v. 38)

Oh, my.


In the words of this study Mary neither resisted or assisted God.

I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.


Do I resist or assist God?

I want to do neither. I have done both.


I have resisted God.

  • I have delayed my obedience.

I know I should play with my children now, but I watch a movie instead.

  • I have obeyed in action but not in heart.

I know I should do all of my work heartily, as unto the Lord. I do the work, but with a sullen spirit.


I have assisted God.

  • I have added my voice.

God wants me to trust Him with my kids but I offer my ideas and nudges generously trying to help God out.

  • I have worked too hard.

God wants me to work hard, but I have done so before praying (Colossians 3:23-24).

My actions, therefore, prove what I really believe is that God must need my effort more than I need Him.

(broken heart)


I want my heart in neutral.

No gear, not even first gear.

Neutral does not resist or assist. It just is.


I want my heart to be still.

Be still, and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10).

  • A still heart does not have the motor running.
  • A still heart does not have a hidden agenda.
  • A still heart does not jump ahead.
  • A still heart does not lag behind.

And just like still water responds to the slightest breeze or movement, a still heart responds to the slightest whisper from God or nudge of His Spirit.


A still heart does not assist.

A still heart does not resist.

Lord, do this in me. Please. For this worker bee. For this talk-to-people-before-I-talk-to-God propensity. For this life that leans toward being guided by a to-do list more than by You.

I receive your grace today, your forgiveness. I thank you for all of the growth in my life, but as I hone in on this concept today…as I ponder Your holiness juxtaposed against my life…I see a long way to go.

Take me where I need to go.


Picture Explanation:  Twenty five years ago someone taught me how to carve designer pumpkins and our family has had a pumpkin carving night every year since. If you are against such things, please grant me grace. This was a happy night in our home, chatting happily while carving…dogs and all. (And it was the first year my son carved his pumpkin all by himself, every carefully sawn line.)



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