Did God spare me from an accident?

A few weeks ago I visited my daughter in Ohio and left early one morning while it was still dark and raining. I was in unfamiliar territory and had trouble seeing. Within minutes after departure,

I missed the first exit ramp I was supposed to take.

I glanced at the GPS as it re-routed me and winced at the news that I had just added ten minutes to my already long trip home to Georgia.

I happened to be in a good place with God that morning. By faith, I told Him I trusted Him with the mistake and patiently made my way back on course.

Then it happened again. I missed a second ramp.

Again, I grimaced as the GPS re-routed me and winced at the news that I had just added a second ten minutes to my long trip home, twenty minutes total so far. Oh, well. Again, but a little less enthusiastically this time, I told God I trusted Him and continued home.

Finally, I took the correct ramp.

The sun finally started to appear above the horizon. I began to relax and settle in for a long day and set cruise control.

Then I saw it.

A tractor trailer was jack-knifed across the highway. Emergency vehicles and rescue workers were already on the scene, so it hadn’t just happened. How long ago did it look like that happened?

Maybe 20 minutes ago.

As I continued home, putting miles behind me in the rear view mirror, I pondered God’s protection and sovereignty over my life, and even my mistakes. Maybe my driving mistakes had kept me away from that truck when it jack-knifed.

Our behavior plays a part in God’s protection. When we sin, for example, we bring harm to ourselves and others as we suffer the consequences (Proverbs 2:11, 4:6). But sometimes sin isn’t involved.

Sometimes we just make honest mistakes.

Those mistakes are wrapped up in the perfect sovereignty of God. When we get up in the morning and give our day to God, His protection is perfect. He allows some things to go through His fingers for our good, and He holds back other things with His mighty arm of protection. And somehow, it ends up being the perfect set of circumstances for everyone.

Give each day to God, then enjoy living the day. He’s got you.

Picture Explanation: Our sweet boy turned 16 this week. He is a joy. He makes my life better. He makes our family better. He is a gift from God. And he loves all things wheels….skateboard, scooter, and will soon be a licensed driver. Oh, my.

I continue to see, feel and think all kinds of things as events in our nation unfold. As I process what is happening, this is what I said in a session of One Gritty Blink this week: I extend a special greeting tonight to my sisters of color. It’s been a painful week in our nation. You get more than my sympathy. You get my fight. Teach me how to stand with you. We are fully family in the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thanks for encouraging words. Life’s path seems very crooked. Jesus is helping me see straight. His blood gave to give all eternal life. Everyone has the same red color of blood. Let’s love with Christ’s love!

    1. I am with you, sister, trying to love everyone on the globe with Christ’s love. You are I are sisters too!

  2. What a great post. It is one of your shorter ones, but really created vivid images in my mind. Thanks for the reminder that mistakes fall within God’s sovereign plan. The next time I call myself an “idiot” for carelessly spilling my coffee or walking into a corner and slamming my shoulder because my spatial skills aren’t what they used to be, I hope to remember to give myself a break! He does. It is all in His plan. The spills and bruises just remind me that THIS IS NOT MY HOME!

    1. Your list of mistakes made me giggle: spilling my coffee or walking into a corner and slamming my shoulder because my spatial skills aren’t what they used to be. Yup. He gives us a break. May His sovereign and perfect love reign over you today in ways you can see and sense.

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1 Corinthians 3:6

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