Can a marriage survive adultery?

I have just finished reading A Fierce Love, by Shauna Shanks. In my opinion, it is worthy of its current five-star rating on Amazon. Why did I read the book? More accurately, why did I race to buy the book even though my marriage is not struggling under the oppressive weight of adultery? Because I […]

Are You Forging Paths of Friendship?

I said good-bye to a home of eighteen years this week. During my last walk through an empty home in which even my footsteps echoed, I opened the door to each empty room and thanked God for whatever came to mind. When I opened my son’s room – our surprise child who arrived ten years […]

Customized Friends: God makes them just for you.

I know the fall season has just begun this week (Hallelujah) but this week I am studying Mary, the mother of , as part of Ten Women of the Bible by Max Lucado. This morning I noticed something I had never noticed before. (I love how the Bible is unsearchable and new every time.) The […]