Weep with Me

God has been changing me. As a person who attends a multi-racial church and also works in a multi-racial environment, I have been inviting God during these years of heightened racial tension in our country to teach me, develop empathy and understanding, reveal sin in me, change my perspectives, and make me look more like […]

Racism hurts everyone.

My son never stops moving. One Saturday after finishing his morning chores, he went to the skate park, then the pool. After dinner, he went back to the pool again. In and out of the house he went all day long. Until he got a splinter. Then everything stopped. So there’s my strapping teenage son […]

Remembering the Cost of Freedom

Each year on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I am intentional about pondering the Civil Rights Movement. I wanted to invite each of you to do the same. This year I am struck by how recently these milestone decisions were made! 1954 This is the year the United States Supreme Court declared state laws establishing […]

Week 1 of Advent: The hope (and pain) of adoption

This week our family celebrated the adoption of our son twelve years ago on November 29. (I have blogged previously about it HERE , HERE and HERE.) He came downstairs to a few gifts and mementos, including a photo of him being escorted to the courthouse wearing tiny little penny loafers, while holding hands with […]

Women Unite Against Sexual Abuse

Women across the country have been speaking up all across America, holding perpetrators accountable for their sexual crimes. This week, it felt like the church’s turn to join in loudly. One week ago today, Kay and Rick Warren invited Beth Moore to the stage to address sexual sin from the pulpit. This was a landmark […]

My Friend’s Response to Charlottesville

Last week I watched how people responded to the sad events in Charlottesville, Virginia. I followed social media, listened to family members, and watched carefully at church. In processing the events with a friend, she shared how she responded within her neighborhood last Sunday. So tender was her heart and so poignant her story I […]

Dear conservative church, do you discriminate?

I have been conducting and informal experiment in my life. I have been asking people, “What is the dominant culture in America?” (Please answer the question for yourself before continuing on.) The resounding answer people say is… White, or Caucasian. A few say “the rich” dominate. I too have always thought that because my skin […]