Advent Week 1: HOPE

I am participating in my first advent study this year with a wonderful group of ladies. We are using a bible study entitled, advent: the weary world rejoices. This week the leader asked if anyone had an experience with “hope deferred.” Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of […]

I Bought a Cot

Have you watched the movie, We Bought a Zoo? It is a favorite of mine. Well, I found out last week that I bought a cot. Let me start from the beginning. I struggle with gifts at Christmas for various reasons. First, the reality of budget is real! I want to wake up in January […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who read this blog. May God flood your week with thankfulness. The holiday season is upon us. As seasonal events and shopping get added to our schedules, I really want to be quiet this coming week and thank God for His blessings. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in […]

An Exciting Day in Our Futures

About a year ago I hurt my shoulders while carrying my dog home. I was taking him for a walk and he went lame at the furthest point from home. I didn’t have my cell phone with me, nor a car. Though 27 pounds isn’t much to carry, the walk was long and my grip […]

Does God grieve with us?

Last week I posted about the death of my brother Dan HERE. In the post I revealed that I said goodbye to him on October 25, 1986 and his organs were donated on October 26. I happened to be driving to work at 7 a.m. on the anniversary of his organ donation day, the same […]

1:00 today

37 years ago today, I attended the funeral of my brother, Dan. The service began at 1:00. The church was packed. Standing room only. The coffin was regal. The flowers were beautiful. The sharing about my brother’s life was memorable. Tears flowed freely. Then everyone went home. How were we supposed to do that? The […]

Someday there will be an envelope with our name on it.

A fun date Recently my husband remembered one of my funny dating stories from college and asked me to recount it at the dinner table. Yes, people laughed, but tucked amidst the laughter is a sobering truth. I accepted a date in college with a man who attended a school of Mortuary Science. He wanted […]

The Secret to Keeping Mums Alive

It’s finally fall! Though not quite in full swing yet, I have pulled out some jeans and donned some hoodies already. I have also replaced flowers in the ceramic pot by our front door, which I do as the seasons change. When fall arrives, pumpkins appear in cheerful orange rows and chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are […]

The Lord’s Prayer

I start most mornings off by reciting the Lord’s prayer. Recently, the final stanza struck me in a new way. Let’s enjoy this famous prayer together today, pausing after each stanza to make sure we don’t breeze through memorized words in a rote manner while our minds are on other things. Jesus said: 9 “This, […]

When comparison is a good thing.

The research is shouting! Social media is crippling us with comparison. Our activities, finances, homes and appearance never seem to measure up to the sound bites and snapshots of other people as we scroll through our feeds. There is one comparison that is good for us. Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to […]